Headteacher's Message

Mr N LambertDear Parents/Carers,

Pupils have had a very positive start to 2018.

Over the years we have made some big improvements to behaviour. However, we know we can do more. One of the areas to improve is how children come into school from the playground. In the morning you will have noticed we have started ringing a hand bell outside to calm children down before they line up to go inside. Although we have only just started, we can already see a difference!

In class we continue to have a big focus on improving the teaching and learning of maths and reading. We are introducing the INSPIRE maths scheme. This is based on Singapore maths and really stretches the children. In reading we are introducing whole class teaching of reading. A number of schools are already teaching reading this way. It is designed to support our children in making as much progress as possible.

Thank you to those of you who attending our recent parent’s evening. As always you support is much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Lambert