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Artume String Quartet

Recently the students of Year 4  took part in a music workshop. Please see the below feedback from the Artume String Quartet:

“We thoroughly enjoyed leading a music workshop at Chilwell Croft Academy last Friday. The communication with the school leading up to the day was professional and ran smoothly, and on the day we were greeted at reception by friendly staff. They presented themselves well and welcomed us warmly into the school – it was an especially nice touch that the deputy head made the effort to introduce himself and listen in on a few minutes during the workshop. We were shown where to go and offered help from staff to set up our equipment in the hall. The space we were provided with was appropriately sized with plenty of room for the musical activities that we had planned, which allowed the workshop to run really smoothly. We were impressed with how quietly the children entered the hall and sat down during our first piece. It was also great that two classroom teachers, who showed real enthusiasm for music, supported them and us throughout the workshop. This was both inspiring for the children and very helpful for us. The children were engaged throughout and were keen to answer questions and be involved. We particularly loved their imaginative ideas and creative input as they created their own rhythmic patterns using body percussion. It was amazing to be involved in a school so clearly dedicated to giving children the opportunity to experience and learn music. We all feel that the way Chilwell Croft does this is a real example to schools in the surrounding area and across Birmingham, and we would be delighted to be invited back to share our love of music again.”

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