Music and Singing

At Chilwell Croft we pride ourselves in the musical opportunities the children have.

We have a variety of whole class instrumental lessons from year one all the way up to year six: brass, which includes cornets, tenor horns and baritones; string, which includes cellos, violins and ukuleles; African drumming and tin whistles.

We also have a dhol drumming club, a steel pan club and a choir, all of which take place in the school day.

We have a vocal skills teacher who works across Key Stage one teaching singing.

All of the music staff come from the Birmingham Music Service and are fantastic teachers who are all passionate about their art.

Through our involvement with the Birmingham Music Service, our children have been given the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences at the Symphony Hall as well as demonstrating their instrumental skill in termly music assemblies at school. This year, the choir have participated in a St George’s Day competition with other schools in the area and will also have the opportunity to perform in a huge schools choir at the Symphony Hall this June.