E-Safety: At Chilwell, we place a strong emphasis on the safety of the children using computers online. The children have undertake E-safety lessons, specific for their year group, every year which address how to use the computers safely, what to do if something upsets them online and how to be a good digital citizen. Audits of the children’s knowledge and pupil voice focus groups, have shown that the children have benefited greatly from these lessons and there has been a marked improvement in the children’s knowledge of e-safety.

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As part of the curriculum in computing, every topic that the children undertake include elements of E-safety, so that the children are continually reminded of how they can keep themselves safe.

As part of our ongoing commitment to involving the children in E-safety throughout the school, a group of Chilwell Cadets has been selected from across the school. These include 2 children from every year group. These children have helped to develop a plan of how E-safety can be improved across the school, delivered assemblies to the whole school and helped by taking part in pupil voice interviews so that as a school we have a great understanding of what the children know and what we need to improve.

Every  year, the children take part in ‘Safer Internet Day’ with other schools across the country to ensure that their knowledge is up to date with the latest goings on in the world of E-safety.

This year, there will be a focus on the views of parents when it comes to E-safety and what we, as a school, can do to support them.