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y5+6 Football League Boys 27th sep 2017

Tuesday 26th September:

King Edwards Girls School:

The football league is back up and running and due to our success last year Chilwell Croft Academy has remained in league two and have had a tremendous start by winning the first two fixtures of the league. Our first game was against Prince Albert, a game in which we won 7-2. Our second game was against Heathfield which we won 7-0. These were two great results, and the students from Chilwell performed terrifically, showing confidence and composure. This has been a great start to a league in which we believe we have a very strong chance of winning. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going into the next few fixtures.


· Karim Abera

· Zion Omar

· Maxwell James

· Jibril Abdi

· Daniel Vdovichenkav

· Sufiyaan Moalim

· Mahmud Drame

· Abdirahman Ahmed

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